The Founder



Ida Lam is a licensed registered dietitian in New York for many years, she specializes in elderly nutrition, maternal nutrition, infant nutrition, weight management, and disease management. Besides seeing patients in the office, Ida Lam actively serves the Chinese community. She cooperates with major insurance companies and community centers to implement the ideal of nutrition education and to increase the awareness of medical nutrition. 

Our Dietitians

Ya Xuan Sun RD, CDN


 Yaxuan Sun is a registered dietitian in both US and Canada. She gained her bachelor’s degree from McGill University, with dietetic internships in Montreal’s major hospitals. She will graduate in May 2019 with a master’s degree in nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Columbia University. She provides one-to-one counseling services regarding weight and disease prevention and management. She is dedicated to providing individualized nutrition recommendations and promoting active lifestyle. 

Lin Zi Qi MS, RD, CDN


 Linzi Qi is a New York State licensed registered dietitian. She is currently working at a Rehabilitation Nursing Center in Downtown Brooklyn as a clinical dietitian. Linzi has held several nutrition workshops in the community focusing on chronic disease prevention and management. Linzi has been practicing her knowledge in medical nutrition therapy and individual counseling. Her specialties include elderly nutrition, kidney disease, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. 

Kwai Lam​ RD, CDN, CNSC, CDE


 Kwai Lam received her dietetic education at Cornell University and clinical training at New York Presbyterian Hospital. She has worked as a clinical dietitian at major hospitals in New York City, servicing clients with diverse medical conditions. She is a certified diabetes educator and a certified nutrition support clinician. She is dedicated to provide the most updated nutrition information and use individualized nutrition therapy to help her clients achieved their goals. 

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